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P O Box 194, Merredin 6415

The Merredin Golf Club meets at the Recreation Centre Bates Street, Merredin 6415. All players welcome.
Club days are held either Saturdays or Sundays 12pm hit-off, May to September.  Please check the fixtures. Meet at starters shed north of the bowling greens.

Club President:                 Mr Jerry McAuliffe 0427 411 801
Club Captain:                Mr Jim Campbell 9041 4444
Women's Captain:       Mrs Jane Gearing 90413363
Secretary / Manager:   Mrs Kerry Hunter

Men's Champion:           Matthew Morris
Ladies Champion:       Yvonne Heinrich

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The Merredin Sands Golfing Competition 2015

The Merredin Sands commences Friday 14th August 2015.

Day one Friday is the 4BBB event for paired men and women to get used to the course.

Saturday and Sunday feature the two 18 hole rounds of the Sands championship. 

Entries to any of the office bearers listed on the home page.