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Growing on Grain

The Merredin region provides approximately 10% of the State’s export income and 40% of the State’s wheat is grown within a 100 Km radius of the town. Growing grain is the mainstay of the area’s economy.

Broad acre dry land farming is the backbone of the Central Wheatbelt. Around 40% of the States grain harvest comes from the region. The CBH Grain Storage and Transfer Depot at Merredin is capable of storing up to 470,000 tonnes of grain while every town has its wheat silos and rail network.

Research into wheat varieties, agronomy, and agricultural pests and diseases is a continuing process. The Dryland Research Institute at Merredin and the Wongan Hills Reserach Station, operated by Agriculture WA, are the major research organisation in the region.

The region holds many heritage sites and museums that illustrate the evolution of the grain industry, the machinery used and the dedication of generations of farmers and railway people in establishing the efficient industry there is today.

A drive through the industrial areas of Merredin and other country towns will illustrate the industries that rely on the growing of grain. These include silo manufacturing, machinery sales, fabrication and machinery servicing.


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